Alluring, auspicious and angelic. The magical turmeric and vit E facial serum.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” that’s the way the old saying goes, and it’s never old because a thing of beauty is always a “Joy Forever”.

Let’s accept the fact gracefully. We never get enough of being “Beautiful” We want to glow more, be more radiant and have smooth shiny skin. Because no matter what our facial features are, a healthy smooth glowing radiant skin adds more to the beauty. So the practice of beauty care has been in practice since mankind and will be for eternity. Roots, herbs, leaves and flowers were the main source for beauty care. Ingredients source out of nature. And the Indian holistic medicine called “Ayurveda” was born out of this idea.
Turmeric The Magical Root of Beauty Secrets.
This miraculous root is known to have been the part of Ayurveda since 500BC. For beauty treatments as well as health and skin ailments Our elders always vouched for this golden colored herb . Ingredients derived from plants have played a pivotal role in beauty care for many cultures, Ancient and Roman. Turmeric is one such main ingredients. Because of its vibrant yellow color, this root is known as the “Indian Saffron”.
earthi Turmericand Vit E Facial Serum
Turmeric fights of acne because it is an antiseptic and keeps bacteria from spreading. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties combined together can work wonders on condition riddles skin. Its also a lightening agent. It stimulates blood circulation, which can help reduce eye puffiness and under eye darkness caused by poor circulation. Turmeric sooths the skin by deeply hydrating and revitalizing the skin while alleviating symptoms of dryness. It also helps prevent loss of skin elasticity due to long term UV exposer.

Vit E applied topically will block free radicals, resulting in slowing down of skin ageing. It also helps in reducing wrinkles  and fine lines, and keeps skin looking soft radiant and young.
Earthi an ayurvedic cosmetic brand from Kerala , is made out of Raw and pure ingredients sourced from the rain forests of The Western Ghats. Earthi doesn’t use any synthetic or toxic chemical like paraben and sulphate, thereby making it a green cosmetic.
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EarthiTurmeric and tamarind night cream.. Doesn’t it sound yummy?

Everything that our ForeFathers made us believe had a Logical and Scientific angle to it. For example, “Don’t cut your nails in the night”. Back in the days as we all know there were no nail cutters nor electric lights, People used lamps to Lighten their Homes. And nails were cut with sharp objects like knives and blades. And there was always the chances of cutting through the skin when nails are cut after dark. We can come up with a lot of such Examples. One such Myth is “Men should not use Turmeric”.
Applying Raw Turmeric paste leaves a Yellow tinge after washing. It was OK for Women to walk around with that tinge but Men wouldn’t dare to. You will be laughed at! And turmeric when applied and exposed to the sun can Tan and Dull the face. Washing it completely off with a soap will undo whatever the Goodness and Benefits this Herb gives. And Men were working in the Fields and Outdoors being completely exposed to the Sun. So Our Elders as Brainy they were, Came up with this story which is still believed, “ Men should not use turmeric”
So Earthi is here to break that Myth. As much as we Respect what our Elders have Taught us, Why to discriminate this Miraculous Herb?? Men have all the rights to look Beautiful. Is looking Beautiful only a Woman’s Right? Come on.. In this age of Gender Equality why make a Woman Beautiful whereas the Man is just Handsome? Everything that looks Beautiful is Beautiful. So Men can look Beautiful too.. No offense meant there. Lets find a way guys..
So earthi has come up with a solution to address this two major problems. Avoid the Yellow Tinge and the Dull Tan. Use earthi turmeric and tamarind night cream. With no yellow stain and no exposure to the sun, This night cream can work wonders on your skin. It will Tighten your pores, remove Dark marks and irritation caused by Pimples and Acne, Smoothens your skin and leaves it Glowing and Younger looking.
Tamarind juice has Enzymes, Vitamin B and C, and alpha hydroxyl acids that removes dead cells. This also reduces and removes common acne or pimple marks. It’s a rich source of antioxidants that will protect your skin from hazardous free radicals.
The combined properties of turmeric and tamarind can work effortlessly on your skin giving it a new glow and radiance. That too while you are sleeping. Wonderful isn’t it?
That’s earthiTurmeric and tamarind night cream for you..
We also recommend earthi Turmeric and Vit E facial night serum. Do we have to elaborate on the benefits of the ingredients, Turmeric and the Mighty Vit E. Doesn’t it speak for itself?
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